Monday, September 16, 2013

Old New York

Friday, September 13, 2013

FS- Complete VL Springer

I dont have the heart to cut up this perfect VL springer front end for my pan.  There is really nothing on it to even give me an inkling to do so. With that said, I am offering it up for sale.

Every tab is present there have been no repairs or welds.  It does not need any repairs or welds either. Comes with the head light bracket, top clamp, and steering stabilizer.  Most of which is usually missing by now. its still wearing a bit of its original paint and looks totally mean.  This would be an excellent candidate for your restoration or chopper.  Hit me up if this is your bag

FS- vintage sissy bar

This vintage rigid sissy bar came off a dead chopper donor that I nabbed parts off of for my 45" chopper build. thought about running this sissy bar but went a different route. 28" tall big twin width. looks perfect with a ribbed wassell fender!
Who needs this?

FS- Ford Spare Tire Ring Ribbed Chopper Fender

letting go of this killer old ribbed chopper fender i've had for a while. It's set up for a big-twin with a really neat bevel for the chain on the left side. Really great old lacquer paint with nice lace job. Email me if you need this for your scoot!