Friday, October 11, 2013

Brooklyn Invitational 2013

Made it late, left early due to unforeseen circumstance. Here's what I caught... on the other hand was super nice bopping into a lot of people who I had not seen in some time or never met before. I suppose thats the true purpose of all this.

Chrome wont get you home... but these might help

Few more things up for grabs...
-Gran Turismo grips in a rare 1" size nice metal flake.
-Pair of right side vintage Rocky upswept cocktail shakers. 1.5"ID but you can stuff them in your HD pipes  nice old chrome. SOLD!!!
-Two sets of NOS Corbin Gentry mini Apes one 8"(SOLD) and a 10". Both have a 6" mount area and are 36" grip end to grip end.  BOTH SOLD