Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring Cleaning

  • Small chopper rectangle headlights, a little dirty but would clean up excellently. SOLD 
  • Iron cross chopper tail light lens and chrome steal bucket. real nice shape.
  • Jeweled mud guard pulled off an old panhead. Would look great with the tank badges I also have for sale.  leather is still really nice and supple. SOLD 
  • Circular headlights. One is a Miller the other (right side) is an old guide light. SOLD
If any of these spark your fancy feel free to email me at:

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

"kickstand" and pull back risers!

rad chopper accessory "kick stand" (get it?) and some pull back chopper risers for 1" bars. hit me up if you're decking out your chop and need these. BOTH SOLD!

Wassell Peanut Tanks for sale

I've got two very different Wassell peanut tanks for sale. first up is an all stock high tunnel stamped wassell peanut tank wearing some rattle can job over lacquer green paint (if you want to sand it off). The other is a frisco'd and pancaked(?) wassell tank. One of the photos shows the tanks together to compare the chop job on the grey tank VS the all stock black tank.
neither have dents. both come with caps. BLACK SOLD
if you need either of these please email me at:

Gary Little John Tank Explosion

Up for grabs are two Gary Little John prism and coffin style tanks! Both tanks are ready to run and come with caps. the prism ALSO comes with a petcock. if you're interested email me! BOTH SOLD!

Some Velvet Morning Bars

Modeled after the rare Hap Jones and MCM bars of years past, these accurate chrome replicas live again through Squares Beware.Featured in two different Heights, 12"& 14", they both share a super narrow 5" center base and 28" wide between the grips.Each set of bars have enough room to fit a throttle and clutch lever. Intended to be tight and narrow in the shadow of the original chopper classic. No room for clumsy control housings.

limited run on these and only a few left at this point.  Need a set? check them out here…

Squares Beware Store Now Open!

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