Tuesday, July 29, 2014

FS- couple of antique helmets for sale

  • The Kangol SPACEMASTER isn't just like your ordinary 3/4 helmet. its sides feature a killer vertical drop instead of hugging your face. It gives off this really crazy aggressive vibe when its on. its marked a size 3 which i believe is a Small/Medium it fits me very well  and Im a 7 1/8 hat size. the interior is adjustable with its old gold satin lining.  Remember, this is an antique that predates a common use of styrofoam in helmets. I don't believe the Daytona 300 sticker to be original to the helmet either.  SOLD

  • Next up, is my favorite helmet of all time… the AGV Valenza Competition helmet of the 1950s and 60s.  Everything from the red satin lining, leather and embroidery are a testament to a time where quality came first.  Aside from its perfect shape (this helmet NEVER makes you look like a bobble head) it also fits like a dream! This helmet is one of the finer examples of these that I've seen. Sized 7 1/8, and like the Kangol, it predates styrofoam and has only an adjustable lining. SOLD