Monday, December 23, 2013

Bars and a Beck!

Couple sets of bars on the block and a killer early Beck flying Togs motorcycle jacket from the late 40s. for more info on any of these please email me!

Rabbit ears in mild raw steel, super narrow, 7.25" between grips. these have never been run. SOLD

nice and short z bars. 3 inch rise, 23.75" end to end. 7" mount area. has some bite from mock up risers. but nothing that will be seen. SOLD

Early Beck flying togs horsehide motorcycle jacket. This is a really nice example of a horse hide coat. Labeled as a 40 fits more like 36-38.  Nice rare coat. needs attention to the seems at the elbows, theyve come undone. but no tears or holes. Leather is still soft and supple. Ready to wear!

1 comment:

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